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It is truly the place where you will learn what the perfect beauty product is for you, you individually. Many claim to be able to do that, however this make-up skin-care studio literally is pedigreed to be able to do that- why?

The founder/ owner has spent the last twenty five years in the business from running the West Coast Estee Lauder division to her last position as Vice President for the major department store with sales totaling close to 2 billion, yes billion. Beauty A Go-Go!™ is so unique that it is a registered trademark and copyrighted.

Again, why? The studio itself is gorgeous however the integrity of the merchandizing, demonstration, and product earned the right from the government to be deemed as “unique”. The products themselves range from pharmaceutical, items not sold in any department store, Nordstrom, or Sephora, all the way to products around the world.

One of the trademarks, is the “5 minute make-over”- Now Gretchen is quick to tell you that she needs at least half an hour to make sure the foundations shade are perfect and to find out about the products you are currently using, no hard sells here, she actually tells you, if appropriate, how to use the products you already have to get a different result.

Beauty A Go-Go!™ also hosts parties, from five year olds, to Mommy’s Nights Out, 40s/ 50s/ 60s… Birthdays, Weddings, Baby Showers, and always, always, special offerings for events.Beauty A Go-Go!™ also has a strong conscience. All of the furniture (no department case lines) everything was purchased locally even the incredible pink chandelier. Gretchen would not us the price, yet she did mention it was from the 1800s Versailles, but she did buy it from a local dealer.

Beauty A Go-Go!™ is truly hard to believe, however, totally to believed- Quite Fabulous!

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